Month October 2020

The late age of biopolitics

In my country, France, as in many others, something like a war medicine has been improvised in full haste and confusion at the time the pandemic was out of control – the first « wave », March, April, May, approximately. This phenomenon… Continue Reading →

The little soldiers of the new Cold War in East Asia

Taipei Times or the Schmittian turn of liberal democracy. It is not through a telescope, from the small West European promontory which considers itself to be the center of the world that we must examine and analyze the crisis of global… Continue Reading →

“Large Space” and the Cold War

The concept of “large space” in Karl Schmidt’s legal philosophy reverberates in East Asia today When Carl Schmitt writes his essay devoted to the notion of “large space”[1] (Grossraum) in the spring of 1939, he clearly intends to put his talent… Continue Reading →

Order of discourse…

Can we detect converging points between two apparently widely different books: Michel Foucault’s The Order of Discourse and Victor Klemperer’s Language of the Third Reich: LTI[2]? Under which conditions can we intertwine the thoughts of these authors regarding the relations… Continue Reading →

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