Month November 2020

Transpacific Anxiety, Anti-Centrism Studies, and the Figure of the Balkan

Jon Solomon CRPM, Université Paris Nanterre (Paris 10) Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3)   Author’s note: This text was written in response to an invitation to contribute, with a strict word limit, to an upcoming volume on Transpacific studies. It… Continue Reading →

No Lennon Walls for Bangkok ?

A momentous political movement is shaking Thailand, it has spread for months through the whole society and not only in the capital, unprecedented in scale, resolve and audacity. It has become more and more radical as weeks and months passed,… Continue Reading →

Censorship to save freedom?

On November 19, 2020, the government of Taiwan and its institutional and media allies won one more battle against the proclaimed Chinese enemy. The National Communications Commission (NCC), a supposedly independent organization whose members must have no ideological affinity with… Continue Reading →

The Last Days of Pompeo

It’s by one or two letters a disaster film. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State is on the road – his world farewell tour, a last round before sinking into nothingness and oblivion. Just before leaving the US for… Continue Reading →

To resist within language

LTI[1] is humbly named by its author “a philologist’s notebook”, while it is actually in the truest sense of the word a handbook of resistance. What remains of the solitary individual who is isolated from everyone by the manic rule… Continue Reading →

« Rogue state » – the adventures of a rotten concept

Prologue: there are rotten concepts in the language of politics, just as there are those rotten fruits that are hidden at the bottom of the tray at the supermarket. The difference is that the latter are generally identifiable at first… Continue Reading →

The Chinese «Bridge of Donkeis»

Let me be understood clearly: it is not Chinese donkeys that we are talking about here, but China as an object of thought, a cultural object, a political object, more or less distant, embodying a certain type of otherness. And… Continue Reading →

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