Month January 2021

The last day of Pompeo: the narrative of the genocide in Xinjiang

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado What exactly is the information on which Pompeo and his team have based the definition of the situation in Xinjiang as genocide? We do not know for sure. The most popular report of the tragedy… Continue Reading →

Finally some good news! 

Yet another stupid idea, another reflection prompted by thinking like the crowd (the public opinion that is power-minded): the idea that the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump packs would necessarily be a deplorable spectacle. If, on the contrary, these images… Continue Reading →

Cuba and Taiwan: two islands in the shadow of a hegemonic superpower

Before beginning the exposition of this daring proposal (because all kinds of historical comparisons require juggling and playing with different cultural, temporal, geographical, political contexts… so it open itself to criticism from those who do not want to see the… Continue Reading →

To eradicate the Culture of the Enemy

The expression “culture of the enemy” is ambiguous – so I have to make clear from the outset what I mean by this: it is not a culture of a particular enemy or a generic enemy, but rather an operation… Continue Reading →

Beware of the Yellow Peril !

Could you spare not a dime but two or three minutes of your precious time to look carefully at this picture ? It’s the frontpage of a French far-right magazine, close to the first or second party in number of votes… Continue Reading →

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