Month February 2021

What is happening in Xinjiang? An epistemological challenge

By Alain Brossat When Hannah Arendt wrote her long article “From Lies to Politics – Reflections on the Pentagon Documents”, inspired by the Washington Post revelations on the manipulation of opinion by the political authority on the Vietnam War, she… Continue Reading →

Racism, Imperial Nationalism, and the Manchukuo Model: some working notes on the biopolitical border wars in east and central Asia

By Jon Solomon   Anti-racism isn’t immune from its own pitfalls, including the repression of history. That Chinese society should be deeply racist shouldn’t surprise anyone. I can’t think of a Chinese society anywhere that isn’t. But I simply don’t… Continue Reading →

Does Mailchimp exemplify unconscious stereotypes?

By Alain Brossat If you are an institution, academic or other, you might have already used Mailchimp or will have to use it some day – it’s easy to use, reliable. It is, as you probably know, an app through… Continue Reading →

The cows rise up (a bovine manifesto on the occasion of Chinese New Year)

By Alain Brossat From the viewpoint of a radical animal feminism (which The Invisible Armada eagerly supports), the naming of the coming year as Year of the Ox, also represented as the Taiwanese buffalo, appears to be outrageously gendered and,… Continue Reading →

Vaccines have ideology

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado More or less the same ones that baselessly accuse China of having spread the virus on purpose and, later, overcome the pandemic in order to grow and impose its dominance—as if other countries did not… Continue Reading →

For a Nobel Prize for War

By Marina Tapir and Béatrice Chinchilla One only needs to think about it for a moment to realize that the existence of a Nobel Peace Prize, in the absence of a Nobel War Prize, is a lasting anomaly – a… Continue Reading →

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