Month April 2021

Keyword « desinicization »

By Alain Brossat Can one both drive unrelenting agitation around the motive of the “cultural genocide” in Xinjiang and play with the idea of a “disinicization” of Taiwan? It would seem that the combination of the former and the latter… Continue Reading →

Gibraltar as an anlogy of Taiwan?

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado Creating analogies to illuminate the elusive nature of one object of study by comparing it with a more familiar one is a common form of explanation. But it also entails a conscious way of discursively… Continue Reading →

Genocide as a field of maneuver

By Alain Brossat  Le Monde has just converted to the US doxa of the “Uighur genocide” via its former correspondent in Beijing, Brice Pedroletti, a declared opponent of the Chinese regime and a patented “antitotalitarian” agitator not very bothered with… Continue Reading →

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