Month October 2021

The language of hegemony and the myth of the Chinese air raids “over Taiwan”

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado   In the past two years we have seen countless alarming headlines about the repeated sorties by Chinese military aircraft that worry Taiwan. However, only a small number of such articles have stopped to explain… Continue Reading →

Quarantine as soft prisoning (room 703)

Alain Brossat   I come out of a two weeks quarantine, “dry” and without alternative, condition of my return to Taiwan. In principle, those who arrive from abroad are required to stay alone in isolation in a hotel room, but… Continue Reading →


帕奈:那我們就講C吧,C很闊呢。 德勒茲:是甚麼? 帕奈:C是「文化」。 德勒茲:也可以啊。 帕奈:你不會說自己有文化。你說自己看書、看電影、看不同東西,都是為了特定的知識,用來做特定的工作。但你每個禮拜六又會去看展覽、看電影,踏足文化領域。我感覺你在做某種文化鍛練,很有系統的。你會出門到處看,花力氣培養文化。然而我重複一次,你說自己完全沒有文化。你怎樣解釋這個悖論呢?你沒有文化嗎?

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