Anti-China rhetorics in the context of the agitation in Hong Kong and of the coronavirus epidemic. Or : LTI revisited 


This project is led by a group of Taiwan-based university professors and academic researchers. This research is based on two theoretical references – Michel Foucault’s analytics of discourse and police of statements (énoncés) on the one hand and Victor Klemperer’s notes on the language of the Nazi regime and administration (LTI, Lingua Tertii Imperii, a Philologist’s Notebook) on the other.


It aims at showing how an organ of the press can allot to itself the task of manufacturing the figure of an enemy and, with this aim in view, coin a rhetoric destined to set the norms of political and ideological correctness in the context of a new Cold War. This is the Taipei Times version of LTI – the Lingua of Taiwanese Independence, a jargon made of insults, erratic historical comparisons, blatant distortions of reality and obsessive denunciation of the enemy. This research aims at analysing how this operation relies on linguistic strategies and tactics, being lead or run like a war. The goal of this operation is to condition the readers by using the same key-words, mantras, arguments in the most repetitive way. This research intends to show how media can specialize in instilling hate and prejudice into their reader’s minds. This is what can be called politics of enmity and hostility based on the manipulation of language.

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