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The discursive contradictions on Taiwan’s pandemic response: from being an example to fading into oblivion

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado   Certain contradictions in the discursive dynamics observing Taiwan’s pandemic response deserve scrutiny. Initially, Taiwan was described as the ultimate example of a democratic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic in comparison to the authoritarian policies… Continue Reading →

Pen-pushers and mercenaries of the truth

By Alain Brossat     To harm stupidity! Nietzsche, The Gay Science     In The Crisis of Culture, Hannah Arendt draws our attention to the vulnerability of factual truths, subject to the constant pressure of opinion and the type… Continue Reading →

Taiwan does not resemble Ukraine as much as it does the Donbass: the language of hegemony and the misleading comparison between Ukraine and Taiwan.

Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado   The latest tactic of the language of hegemony has been to equate the situation of Taiwan with that of Ukraine to exemplify the aggressiveness and intrinsic evil of China and Russia, countries described as part… Continue Reading →


阿蘭布洛薩   同盟軍在俄羅斯史達林格勒、北非阿拉曼、太平洋中途島等不同戰線打贏了幾場關鍵戰役,有理由相信軸心軍最後會落敗,就一同構想凱旋色彩的未來。從一九四三年到納粹德國投降,再到日本投降期間,同盟軍首領三番四次會面:有蔣介石、羅斯福、邱吉爾聚首的開羅會議(一九四三年十一月),有史達林、羅斯福、邱吉爾出席的德黑蘭會議(一九四三年十一至十二月),有莫斯科會議,蘇聯、英國、美國、波蘭(兩個爭奪主權的波蘭政府)在一九四四年十月各派代表出席,而這個會議前有三次會面同樣在莫斯科舉行。之後有史達林、羅斯福、邱吉爾聚首的雅爾達會議(一九四五年二月)。最後,等到德國投降,還有邱吉爾(後來由艾德禮接任)、杜魯門、史達林聚首的波茨坦會議(一九四五年七至八月)。

What is the conflict between mainland China and Taiwan about? – or:  the Chinese civil war continued by other means  

Alain Brossat   It was towards the end of the 1960s that the Chinese nationalist party—the Kuomintang, defeated in the civil war, having withdrawn to the island of Formosa (Taiwan) over which it exercised its sovereignty in the most despotic… Continue Reading →

Quarantine as soft prisoning (room 703)

Alain Brossat   I come out of a two weeks quarantine, “dry” and without alternative, condition of my return to Taiwan. In principle, those who arrive from abroad are required to stay alone in isolation in a hotel room, but… Continue Reading →

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