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Dear readers,   We have moved our activity to a new website hosted by National Cheng Kung University:   Best, The Invisible Armada


帕奈:那我們就講C吧,C很闊呢。 德勒茲:是甚麼? 帕奈:C是「文化」。 德勒茲:也可以啊。 帕奈:你不會說自己有文化。你說自己看書、看電影、看不同東西,都是為了特定的知識,用來做特定的工作。但你每個禮拜六又會去看展覽、看電影,踏足文化領域。我感覺你在做某種文化鍛練,很有系統的。你會出門到處看,花力氣培養文化。然而我重複一次,你說自己完全沒有文化。你怎樣解釋這個悖論呢?你沒有文化嗎?

Gibraltar as an anlogy of Taiwan?

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado Creating analogies to illuminate the elusive nature of one object of study by comparing it with a more familiar one is a common form of explanation. But it also entails a conscious way of discursively… Continue Reading →

Three exemplary plebeians

By Alain Brossat Let us look at contemporary democracy from an unusual perspective, in several ways: firstly because I will not approach the question of democracy from its institutions (parties, elections, the rule of law…), its values (freedom of expression,… Continue Reading →

It is not sheer racism against “Asians-Americans”, but Sinophobia due to a dehumanizing anti-China narrative

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado   Just a few days ago, the US President, Mr. Biden, issued a Memorandum Condemning and Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States, calling out against “vicious… Continue Reading →


Manki is a young scholar from Hong Kong who studies philosophy in France (Paris 8 University). Besides, he is an excellent translator from French to Chinese and his modest ambition is to improve his German, which is already quite good,… Continue Reading →

The Proconsuls and Prefects of the US in Taiwan

By Alain Brossat and Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado Good news: there is a new US proconsul in town, in Taipei. His name is not Pilatus but Turton, Michael Turton, and Taipei Times is the official organ through which he issues… Continue Reading →

Racism, Imperial Nationalism, and the Manchukuo Model: some working notes on the biopolitical border wars in east and central Asia

By Jon Solomon   Anti-racism isn’t immune from its own pitfalls, including the repression of history. That Chinese society should be deeply racist shouldn’t surprise anyone. I can’t think of a Chinese society anywhere that isn’t. But I simply don’t… Continue Reading →

Does Mailchimp exemplify unconscious stereotypes?

By Alain Brossat If you are an institution, academic or other, you might have already used Mailchimp or will have to use it some day – it’s easy to use, reliable. It is, as you probably know, an app through… Continue Reading →

The cows rise up (a bovine manifesto on the occasion of Chinese New Year)

By Alain Brossat From the viewpoint of a radical animal feminism (which The Invisible Armada eagerly supports), the naming of the coming year as Year of the Ox, also represented as the Taiwanese buffalo, appears to be outrageously gendered and,… Continue Reading →

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