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Long live Afghanistaiwan!

By Alain Brossat It is understandable that the precipitous withdrawal of the United States from the Afghan quagmire produced on the Taiwanese ruling elites, engulfed in their mentality of protégées of the big brother from across the Pacific, the effect… Continue Reading →



The metamorphoses of genocide

By Alain Brossat. In a context of rampant war of the worlds, where the desires to cross swords are hidden less and less, words, certain words, tend to become weapons. In order to prepare them for this use, they should… Continue Reading →

Keyword « desinicization »

By Alain Brossat Can one both drive unrelenting agitation around the motive of the “cultural genocide” in Xinjiang and play with the idea of a “disinicization” of Taiwan? It would seem that the combination of the former and the latter… Continue Reading →

Gibraltar as an anlogy of Taiwan?

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado Creating analogies to illuminate the elusive nature of one object of study by comparing it with a more familiar one is a common form of explanation. But it also entails a conscious way of discursively… Continue Reading →

Genocide as a field of maneuver

By Alain Brossat  Le Monde has just converted to the US doxa of the “Uighur genocide” via its former correspondent in Beijing, Brice Pedroletti, a declared opponent of the Chinese regime and a patented “antitotalitarian” agitator not very bothered with… Continue Reading →

Three exemplary plebeians

By Alain Brossat Let us look at contemporary democracy from an unusual perspective, in several ways: firstly because I will not approach the question of democracy from its institutions (parties, elections, the rule of law…), its values (freedom of expression,… Continue Reading →

Xinjiang in field and reverse shot

By Alain Brossat For the first time since Tiananmen (1989), the European Union (followed later by the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada) has imposed sanctions against local high-ranking officials in Xinjiang, figures that it suspects, among other things,… Continue Reading →

It is not sheer racism against “Asians-Americans”, but Sinophobia due to a dehumanizing anti-China narrative

By Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado   Just a few days ago, the US President, Mr. Biden, issued a Memorandum Condemning and Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States, calling out against “vicious… Continue Reading →


摘要 本文為西歐與東亞的敵人文化對比研究,首先分析西歐民族國家的敵人文化形成與強化因素,以及自第二次世界大戰結束,西歐國家的共鄰關係改變,國家與人民的敵人文化逐漸弱化之過程。與之對比的是東亞地區敵人文化在新冷戰脈絡下的進程與增強趨勢。本文分析敵人文化如何成為戰爭陷阱又如何盤旋上升不斷加劇,而透過歷史災難經驗 « 旅行 »和持續對談討論或可理出掙脫敵人文化的可能途徑。

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